Trailblazers: Beauty Queen – Shweta Sagar, EGMP 2016

Some people are destined to pave way for themselves to create a different path and hence reaching great heights. Shweta Sagar is one such example who has taken a road less traveled, one outside of a comfort zone. An accomplished corporate professional, loving wife and mother, Shweta went on to win the titles of Mrs India Galaxy 2017 and represented India at Mrs Woman of the Universe 2019 where she won second place.

We are indeed proud of you Shweta. In this exclusive feature, we spoke to her about her journey.

Please tell us something about yourself.

I am Shweta Sagar, married to Piyush Sagar & mother of an 8 years old daughter, Nyssa. 

Currently residing in Gurugram. I am a staunch believer of the phrase ‘ Life is a last chance’ & hence strive to live each day & moment with full vigor & excitement. Don’t bid adieu with any regrets – that’s the mantra I swear by.

From a corporate trainer to winning a beauty pageant, how was this journey for you?

Since childhood, I had a strong belief that I was carved out for much more, than a mundane ordinary life. After establishing myself as a professional corporate trainer while simultaneously wearing the cap of a dexterous & efficient homemaker, I was never at peace with myself. The zeal to showcase myself at an august forum was giving me sleepless nights. Well, my lucky break came when one of my closest friends cajoled me into applying for the Mrs India contest. Skeptical at first, I took it as a sign from destiny herself & gave my best shot. I m glad I did it as since then, I haven’t looked back.

Please tell us something about the Pageant – Mrs Woman of the Universe 2019.

Mrs Woman of The Universe is a forum that gives women an opportunity to showcase their talents and gifts on an international pedestal cutting across the barriers of geographical boundaries, cultures, traditions and race.

The event is judged by an eminent panel of acclaimed jury who take the participants through the strictest form of evaluation. I participated as Mrs Asia Pacific at the event.

Did you always want to participate in pageants or was it something that came your way?

To be honest, the idea of walking on a ramp, like a model captivated my attention since childhood. However, I had never actually consciously prepared for an event. With time, I became engrossed in my personal/ professional chores and my dream somehow became a far fetched idea. 

Well, as destiny would have it, one fine day, I came across this opportunity to fulfill my ambitions &  represent my country on such a grand level.

Who have been the influencers in your life?

Learning is a never-ending process, I believe and it comes without any boundaries to it.

Although there have been people, personally & professionally whom I have looked up to, I believe, the biggest influencer in my life has been my own experiences, which have given me tenacity, perseverance, an iron-clad attitude towards life, and more importantly, has helped me discover the true Shweta in me.

One life lesson that taking part in the beauty pageant has taught you?

The most important lesson which I can take away from my experience at these pageants is that the biggest force in anyone’s life is self-belief. For, the person who believes in his/her dreams, nurtures it with the nutrients of perseverance and untiring hard work, sooner or later finds himself/herself at the Pinnacle of his/her aspirations. Moreover, learning is a never-ending process and I believe we all can learn from people from all walks of life, from their experiences, failures and achievements in life.

How has your experience at IIMB helped you?

Before my stint at IIMB, I can say my perspective towards life in general and people at large was parochial. IIMB introduced me to the infinite horizons of learnings, looking at situations from various vantage points, was fortunate to be under the tutelage of remarkable professors & my peers, all of them are a wonderful people.

Interacting with people from such a diverse background brought versatility to my learning and made me appreciate the beauty of alternate perspectives in life.

Above all, it gave me a sense of pride and confidence to be referred to as an IIMB Alumnus for the rest of my life.